Indy and Pippa Stickers


Your favorite Indy and Pippa illustrations in sticker form!

these are individual vinyl stickers. 

Please read below for sticker details:

1. Purple mini Ghost aprox 2 in
2. Large purple flower aprox 3in
3. Small pink flower aprox 2in
4. Lime mini ghost aprox 2in
5. Im Right here aprox 3 in
6. Rainbow aprox 3 in
7. Clear back Black ghost aprox 3 in
8. Clear back yin yang flower aprox 3 in
9. Blue mini ghost aprox 2in
10. Pink skull aprox 3 in
11. Green mini flower aprox 2in
12. Blue Skull aprox 3 in
13. Holographic ghost aprox 3in
14. Be Kind aprox 3in
15. Teal mini ghost aprox 2in
16. Clear back white ghost aprox 3in
17. Purple mini flower aprox 2 in
18. Pink/black skull aprox 3in
19. Pink mini ghost aprox 2in