Indy and Pippa Stickers


Your favorite Indy and Pippa illustrations in sticker form!

these are individual vinyl stickers. 

Please read below for sticker details:

1. Small pink mini ghost aprox 2 in
2. Blue mini ghost aprox 2in
3. Purple mini ghost aprox 2in
4.skateboard mini ghost (clear backing) aprox 2in
5. white mini ghost (clear backing) aprox 2 in
6. Glitter purple mini ghost aprox 2 in
7. Green mini spider web (clear backing) aprox 2 in
8. Glitter pink web aprox 2 in
9. Holographic Ghost aprox 3in
10. White ghost (clear backing) aprox 3 in
11. Black ghost (clear backing) aprox 3in
12. Im right here ghosts aprox 3 in
13. Halloween mash up (clear backing) aprox 3in
14. Rainbow aprox 3in
15. Purple flower Aprox 3in
16. Pink and Orange be kind aprox 3in
17. Blue be kind (clear backing) aprox 3 in
18. Purple and blue yin/yang aprox 3in
19. black and clear yin yang  aprox 3in
20. small purple flower aprox 2 in
21. small green flower Aprox 2 in
22. small pink flower aprox 2 in
23. skateboard aprox 3 in